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Vegan Food Wraps - Vegan Food Wrap Refresher Block


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To keep your wax wraps as good as new, it is recommended that you re-wax your wraps when they begin to wear (approximately every three months with regular use).

This refresher block is made from plant based waxes: jojoba oil and pine resin.

Your Vegan Food Wrap Refresher Block will revive 2 extra-large wraps, or 3 large wraps, or 4 medium wraps or 5 small wraps.

How do I use my Wax Wrap Refresher Block?


You will need:

  • two sheets of baking parchment
  • a fine grater
  • an iron
  • a tea towel


  1. Place a tea towel on top of your ironing surface (preferably an ironing board)
  2. Put your first sheet of baking parchment on top of the tea towel, then put your wax wrap on top of that
  3. Grate the desired amount of wax refresher evenly over the wax wrap
  4. Place your second sheet of baking parchment on top of the wax wrap
  5. With the steam turned off and the iron on a hot setting, gently iron your wrap (keep moving the iron at all times)
  6. Once you are sure the wax has melted, remove the baking parchment
  7. Pick up your wax wrap by the corners (be careful, as it will still be hot) and gently waft it until it is cool

Keep your wax refresher block in its box to ensure longevity in between refreshes and reuse the same baking parchment each time to reduce waste. To clean your grater, it is recommended to pour boiling water over the grater.


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