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The Good Dot: Coconut Bowl Standard


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Each beautifully unique coconut shell bowl begins its journey as a discarded coconut shell. Women who work for an independent social enterprise then sand, polish and hand-finish the shells to transform them into the bowls you see here.

By repurposing the shells of coconuts that are originally harvested for their oil, thousands of coconut waste avoids landfill each year.

All bowls are 100% natural, avoiding any toxins, chemicals, BPA or plastic. As a natural product, once the bowl reaches the end of its life it can be composted.

Therefore, these coconut bowls are completely sustainable and work towards supporting a circular economy.

Why choose a coconut bowl?

These bowls are not simply for eating your morning cereal; you can use the bowl for both hot and cold foods. Many insta-worthy images showcase smoothie-bowls, buddha bowls, ramen, curries, ice cream, dips… the list goes on…

Instagram has exploded with the coconut bowl trend, and its clear to see why.

The bowls can vary in size due to the nature of the product. However, each bowl is approximately 13-14cm wide and can hold around 500-600ml liquid – a versatile vessel for many purposes.

As a natural product, the bowls are not dishwasher proof. It is important to treat the bowl with care to avoid breakage.


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