Reusable Hessian Straw Pouch


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Reusable Hessian Straw Pouch

A reusable hessian straw pouch is a great way to transport your straw and cleaning brush around with you, whilst avoiding any unwanted debris entering your straw or bristles of the cleaning brush.

Why choose a reusable straw pouch? 

Billions of plastic straws enter landfill and the oceans each year.

By using a reusable straw this significantly aids with combatting one element of plastic pollution. That said, carrying around a straw with you means there is a chance debris may come into contact with or enter it.

Jute pouches from Jungle Straws are made from soft hessian and will keep your reusable straw clean and contained. 

Choosing a hessian pouch will not only keep your straw safe, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that you are purchasing a completely sustainable product. 

Jungle Straws are committed to working with their local farms who produce high quality items. They have built an efficient and reliable supply chain to ensure that you are receiving a fully zero-waste, plastic-free pouch to transport your straw in. 

Known for its eco-friendly qualities, hessian is made by harvesting the jute plant. This makes it a biodegradable material. As a result, it will assimilate into the soil in a shorter period of time than biodegradable plastics. 

Being a biodegradable material does not affect the durability of your hessian pouch. Consequently, it will withstand the test of time until you choose to part ways. 

Choose from a variety of available colours to suit every personality. We will include a ONE erTH bamboo straw with every hessian pouch at no additional cost. 

Please note, if you do not require a bamboo straw just hit reply to the automated confirmation email. We will adapt your order to ensure there is no wastage!


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