Plastic Free Washing Up Brush


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This plastic free washing up brush is the perfect zero-waste alternative to commercial plastic washing up brushes.

Why choose a plastic free washing up brush?

LoofCo products are inspired by traditional designs that have been proven effective for generations. 

By using waste products of the coconut, this washing up brush supports a circular economy. 

The brush bristles are made from coir fibre, a natural material found the husk of a coconut. The handle is made from rubberwood, a renewable material.

Both materials are biodegradable and are held together by a galvanised, rust-free recyclable metal ore, making it 100% plastic free. 

Coir fibre is a naturally bacteria resistant material, remaining stiff when wet and holding liquid for effective scrubbing and cleaning. 

LoofCo’s washing up brush with a handle is the ideal accompaniment to your cleaning routine. 


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