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Iron & Velvet have created an ingenious cleaning product which is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One solution to cleaning products housed in single-use plastic is the use of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), which houses cleaning solutions inside to be dissolved in water for usage.

Although PVA is a polymer, it has been approved for many uses, including human ingestion (used as a coating for tablets, for example) and is designated as “Generally Recognised as Safe” (GRAS). This is not considered to be a plastic, as PVA is completely biodegradable in water, and Iron & Velvet advertise their products as being 100% plastic free.

The plastic free cleaning products created by Iron and Velvet are one of the best solutions out there for combatting the single-use plastic and non-biodegradable plastic problem found within cleaning supplies.

We stock a range of Iron & Velvet’s available cleaning products, as single sachets, or as a multi-buy option.

  • Bathroom Multisurface Cleaner: orange and ginger fragrance multisurface cleaner is tough on soap scum and gives a sparkling finish.
  • Bathroom Antibacterial Surface Cleaner: ylang ylang antibacterial cleaner kills germs and removes limescale.
  • Kitchen Surface Cleaner: mango fragrance cleaner removes dried food and powers through grease in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen Antibacterial Cleaner: coconut and lime cleaner is tough on stains and kills germs in your kitchen.
  • Household Floor Cleaner: a subtle fragrance of sandalwood has easy dilution and can be used throughout the home.

Sachets should never be used neat. 

All sachets will need to be dissolved in water before use. Directions for use will be included for guidance.

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Bathroom Multisurface Cleaner: orange and ginger, Bathroom Antibacterial Surface Cleaner: ylang ylang, Kitchen Surface Cleaner: mango, Kitchen Antibacterial Cleaner: coconut and lime, Household Floor Cleaner: sandalwood, Multibuy


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