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Ecoffee Cup Waimea Bay

Ecoffee Cup - Waimea Bay (Surfers Against Sewage) 14oz


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The UK disposes of 7 million single-use coffee cups every day and, although disposable coffee cups are technically recyclable, only 1% of all cups are recycled. This is due to the complicated way that single-use coffee cups are produced, lined with polyethylene plastic to waterproof the item. There are only three recycling plants in the UK that are able to recycle single-use coffee cups.

Why choose an Ecoffee Cup?

An Ecoffee Cup can be an ideal way to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics. Ecoffee Cup is made from sustainable bamboo fibre which undergoes no chemical treatment throughout the entire growth and production process making it a clean material to drink from. It is mixed with Melamine-Formaldehyde resin, which is an organic binding compound which allows the cup to be dishwasher safe.

Ecoffee cup are completely transparent about their manufacturing process and provide extensive information about the components of their Ecoffee Cups on their FAQ page.

Along with being a sustainable way to drink your favourite hot beverage, Ecoffee Cup designs are beautifully stylish and can be bought here in two sizes.


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