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Earth Conscious Deodorants

Earth Conscious began creating deodorants using high quality, natural, gentle ingredients packaged in plastic-free containers in an effort to help others choose more ethical, Earth-kind products. 

Coconut oil, jojoba wax, essential oils, arrowroot powder, and sodium bicarbonate are just some of the ingredients included in Earth Conscious deodorants. These ingredients are expertly selected to ensure that you are left smelling fresh. In addition, although their deodorants are not antiperspirants, they can assist in keeping you feeling dry. 

Contrary to popular belief, sweat does not cause body odour; it is in fact the bacteria that forms in the sweating process that causes body odour. Earth Conscious deodorant acts as an antibacterial deodorant. Consequently, this does not prevent sweating (which is inadvisable for many reasons!), but does prevent body odour.

Why choose Earth Conscious deodorants?

Earth Conscious uses ingredients that are not tested on animals and are vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society. 

As an award winning company, Earth Conscious have developed deodorants which work effectively and are easy to use. 

How To Apply:

Deodorant in a tin: simply rub your fingers in a circular motion until you have the desired amount. Avoid taking too much – it is advisable to start with a little and re-apply if needed throughout the day. Apply directly to underarms. 

Deodorant in a paper tube: you can apply onto wet or dry skin. Rub directly onto your underarms. Again, it is better to apply a small amount and re-apply if needed throughout the day. 

When switching from synthetic deodorants, your body might need time to expel any chemicals or additives from your old deodorant. More often than not, this is not the case and the transition to chemical-free deodorant is seamless. 

Earth Conscious deodorants are available in a range of fragrances that will leave you feeling fresh with a smile on your face, knowing that no nasties or plastic have been used in this element of your hygiene routine.

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Earth Conscious Deodorants

In a tin – Pure, Paper tube – Lavender, Paper tube – Jasmine, Paper tube – Peppermint


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