Coconut Fibre Straw Cleaning Brush


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Plastic Free Straw Cleaning Brush – Coconut Fibre

Reusable straws, unlike disposables, do require some small maintenance.  It is advisable to give your reusable straws a simple rinse after use. A plastic free straw cleaning brush is ideal to thoroughly clean the inside of the straw.

Transitioning to reusable straws is a fantastic stepping stone to reducing your plastic consumption or becoming plastic-free. With a government ban on the single use alternative coming into effect in 2020, now is the time to get yours. 

Why choose a plastic free coconut fibre cleaning brush? 

A lot of brushes on the market are made using plastic (typically Nylon). 

Jungle Straws’ plastic free straw cleaning brushes are made from reclaimed coconut, which is found in the bristle heads sitting on top of a sturdy steel handle.

They are the perfect item to accompany your straw. 

Standing at 21.5cm in length, these coconut fibre straw cleaners are ideal to reach the entire length of your straw. 

Whether in the home or travelling alongside your straw on its mission to reduce single-use plastic, these natural straw cleaning brushes will ensure that your straw is kept clean and free from contamination. 


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