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Brush With Bamboo are the longest existing bamboo toothbrush brand. They are also the first and only company to have manufactured a plant-based toothbrush. Every component of the toothbrush is completely plant-based.

Composed of an organic bamboo handle and soft bristles made from 62% Castor Bean Oil and 38% nylon, Brush With Bamboo use the most advanced biobased bristle available in the world at this current time.

Due to the presence of nylon, the bristles are still not biodegradable. This is, however, a step in the right direction. Brush With Bamboo are dedicated to finding an alternative and are pushing bristle manufacturers to develop better alternatives to nylon.

In our search to find 100% plastic free toothbrushes, we found Brush With Bamboo to be the most sustainable option available.

With the growth of “greenwashing”, some companies are promoting their toothbrushes to be 100% plastic free and biodegradable. This is inaccurate. Currently, there are no toothbrushes available on the market which are 100% plastic free.

Why Choose a Bamboo Toothbrush?

Brush With Bamboo has a 100% organic bamboo handle. From grown through to production, the whole process is completely chemical free and natural.

Before carving, the handle is boiled in water and dried in an oven heated with the waste products on the bamboo carving process. The handle is then expertly carved by artisans with over a thousand years of bamboo carving experience in a mountain village of China.

Bamboo has a plethora of benefits, both for the environment and for personal use. This makes it a popular option in many sustainable, plastic free products.

We stock both adult and kids Brush With Bamboo toothbrushes.


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