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Our bespoke plastic-free bundles have been designed to provide flexibility allowing you to choose the products you want, while still being affordable.

Once ordered we will email you for confirmation of which products you would like included.

Read the description below to see which products can be selected for your bundle.

All bundle prices include delivery.

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Category A:

Selection of 3 of the following:

  1. Friendly soap bar – aloe vera 95g
  2. Friendly soap bar – lavender 95g
  3. Friendly soap – lemongrass and hemp 95g
  4. Friendly soap – orange and grapefruit 95g
  5. Friendly soap – peppermint and poppy 95g
  6. Friendly soap – teatree and turmeric 95g
  7. Friendly soap – patchouli and sandalwood 95g
  8. Friendly shea butter facial bar 95g
  9. Friendly cocoa butter facial bar 95g
  10. Friendly shaving bar 95g
  11. ONE erTH Bamboo Straw Kit (2x bamboo straws, 1x straw cleaning brush, 1x Jute bag)
  12. Stainless steel straw – rose gold (x2 straws)
  13. Stainless steel straw – black (x2 straws)
  14. Brush with Bamboo adult toothbrush
  15. Brush with Bamboo kids toothbrush
  16. Organic cotton produce bag small
  17. Organic cotton produce bag medium
  18. Organic cotton produce bag large
  19. Organic cotton muslin face cloth
  20. Eco Living bamboo cotton buds
  21. LoofCo cleaning pad
  22. LoofCo washing up pad

Category B:

Selection of 2 of the following:

  1. Coconut bowl
  2. LoofCo washing up brush and Eco Living compostable sponge cloth (pack of four)
  3. Swak re-usable toothbrush
  4. Swak replacement brush heads
  5. Earth Conscious peppermint and spearmint paper tube deodorant
  6. Earth Conscious lavender and tea-tree paper tube deodorant
  7. Earth Conscious jasmine and rose paper tube deodorant
  8. Earth Conscious pure unscented deodorant tin
  9. Georganics natural toothpaste – activated charcoal mint flavoured
  10. Georganics natural toothpaste – orange (kid friendly)
  11. Georganics natural toothpaste – spearmint
  12. Georganics mouthwash tablets

Category C:

Selection of 1 of the following:

  1. Jerry stainless steel bottle (750ml)
  2. Jerry matte black stainless steel bottle (550ml)
  3. Jerry coral pink stainless steel bottle (550ml)
  4. Jerry bright yellow stainless steel bottle (550ml)

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Bespoke bundles:

Bespoke Bundle A, Bespoke Bundle B, Bespoke Bundle C


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