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Jungle Culture have created a beautiful safety razor with a bamboo handle to assist you on your journey towards a plastic-free bathroom.

Plastic-free safety razors are no new concept and can be dated back to the 1700s. With the rise in popularity of plastic, these razors began to phase out over time, in favour of the single-use alternative.

Why choose a plastic-free razor?

Every year, millions of disposable razors are (as the name would suggest) disposed of.

Disposable razors contain a variety of materials which are difficult to recycle. This is due to the need to separate each of the materials prior to recycling, which is not always possible.

Disposable razors are an item which are very rarely recycled. If these find their way into the oceans, marine life is not simply at risk due to the plastic pollution, but also due to the sharp razor attached.

Going back to basics, this reusable safety razor from Jungle Straws has a beautifully crafted, natural handle and is made using high quality stainless steel.

Safety razors are easy to use and offer a barber-shop quality shave without the associated costs!

Presented in a kraft paper gift box, its packaging is bio-based, completely biodegradable and easy to recycle.

Razor blades need to be purchased separately. Jungle Culture Safety Razor’s accepts universal razor-blade size.


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