Meet the Founders

ONE erTh was founded in 2019 by myself (Loretta) and my fiancé (Phil) due to the increasing difficulty we found with purchasing plastic-free and sustainable products. When researching the effects single-use plastics and how corporations are using plastic are having on the planet, we felt change was needed.

Our vision is to make shopping ethical, sustainable and convenient across a wide range of affordable and luxury products; that said, it is not simply about selling plastic free and sustainable items for us but using the ONE erTH platform to increase awareness around this issue and make positive change where we can by investing in plastic free solutions where there are none/few and collaborate with charities/organisations who share the same vision.

Founders Bio


I grew up in the West Midlands, before moving to Leicester to study English Literature at De Montfort University. From there, I gained my teaching qualification at Leicester University and since then have been teaching secondary school English. 

I have always had an affinity with nature and protecting wildlife and habitats has been at the forefront of my mind since childhood. When I discovered the impact that single-use plastic was having on nature, it was impossible to sit back and hope that someone else was going to do something about it. 

Working full-time and as a family of five, I have found it challenging and time consuming to find plastic-free, ethical products for our household. 

This is what sparked our desire to found ONE erTH, in the hope of providing a sustainable shopping experience for the things we use in our daily lives while building a platform to spread awareness and make change. 


I grew up in Coventry before moving to Leicester in 2014 to study at Leicester College. I completed an Access to Business course prior to moving to London in 2015 to study at University.

Having graduated with a Marketing BA, I was offered a marketing position for an engineering company and have continued to work in marketing ever since.

Loretta first opened my eyes to the plastic issue and following further research I could not believe the extent of the crisis. 

When she mentioned she wanted to do something about it, I realised I felt the same with this being the reason for founding ONE erTH.

Since founding ONE erTH and educating myself more on the plastic crisis, I understand more than ever change needs to happen now before the planet ends up in a position where the damage done will be irreversible.