About Us

Who We Are

ONE ərTH was founded due to how difficult we (the founders) found it to shop plastic-free or sustainably in one place for a variety of household essentials and goods.

We have reached a point, as we become more aware of the devastating effects single-use plastics have on our planet, that we would prefer to shop for alternatives, with this becoming a common trend in society.

As individuals we are not completely against plastic, but how it is being used by corporations is having a detrimental affect on our planet. Although large supermarkets are beginning to make change, slowly, the change needs to happen now.

This being our reason for founding ONE ərTH.

Our Vision

To make shopping ethical, sustainable and convenient across a wide range of everyday essentials and luxury items.

Our vision is to become a sustainable superstore enabling people to purchase a wide array of ethical and plastic-free products. Where a plastic free solution is not yet available, we will only stock products made from sustainable ingredients (such as biodegradable plastics, for example). Where products do contain any form of plastic, we will always be open and transparent about this.

Furthermore, we will never stock single-use plastic items or use single-use plastic packaging.

Giving Back

As we search for more ethical options for household essentials and goods, one of the biggest barriers we face is the availability of these products. Almost everywhere we look, products contain or are packaged in plastic which is soon to be thrown away.

As part of our vision, we endeavour to partner with organisations for research and development of long-term plastic-free solutions where there are currently none (or limited) for everyday essentials, donating a percentage of our profits to this cause.

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